Thorsten Mätzig

Dr. Thorsten Mätzig

  • Lawyer and notary
  • Fiscal law
  • Partner
+49 231 958 58–14
+49 231 958 58–49 14

Thorsten Mätzig is frequently recommended as a lawyer and notary. As a proven expert in trade law and company law, focusing on the field of corporate acquisitions (M&A), he advises and represents notable medium-sized companies as well as companies and banks listed on the stock exchange. Over the course of his many years of work, he has seen through numerous transactions with a national and international bearing. His clients put their trust in his expertise advising in insolvency-related crisis situations and after initiating insolvency proceedings, in particular pursuing and protecting against contestation claims.

Thorsten Mätzig is also an author of “Beck’schen Onlinekommentar zum GmbH-Gesetz”.

Since 1903

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