EU publishes new threshold values!

The thresholds of the EU directives for public contracts are adjusted on a regular basis by 01.01.2020. This affects the classic public contracts for the procurement of supplies and services as well as construction services. The threshold values will be used to decide which procurement regulations and, if applicable, which types of procurement are to be applied on a mandatory basis.

In detail, the adjusted thresholds are as follows:

For construction work: € 5,350,000.00, instead of the previous € 5,548,000.00

For supplies and services: € 214,000.00, instead of the previous € 221,000.00

However, an even lower threshold of € 139,000.00 applies to central government departments, instead of the previous € 144,000.00.

Different thresholds apply for sectoral contracting authorities and in the context of the Concessions Directive. Of general importance here are the sectoral contracting authorities in the transport sector and in the context of water supply. Here, € 5,350,000.00 instead of the previous € 5,548,000.00 applies for construction work and € 428,000.00 instead of the previous € 443,000.00 for supplies and services.

  • Rainer Beckschewe

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