New horizons at Phoenix See

At the end of the year, SPIEKER & JAEGER opened a new chapter towards innovation and the future. With the relocation from Kronenburgallee to the city lake Phoenix See, we are opting entirely for growth. Our increasing specialisation requires more staff, more office space and modern conference technology. But we are also concerned about the well-being of our clients and staff. We can combine all this in the new office building at Phoenixseestraße 24.

Work where others seek rest

Ducks exuberantly stick their heads into the water and seagulls noisily circle the jetty at the sailing school. Much to the delight of pedestrians who enjoy the idyll as they stroll along the lake, passing by our new offices or taking a break in one of the nearby restaurants.

Symbolic power

While office space is becoming deserted in many industries, this is not an issue for us. We are a well-known and sought-after employer in the region and consciously invest in the working environment of our employees. We specifically offer employees a nice environment that they can be proud of, just as they could ideally be proud to work at SPIEKER & JAEGER. That is why the largest and most beautiful room in the entire building has become the staff room, which is then also adjoined by the roof terrace.


We are growing, both in terms of content, with a deepening of the specialisation of the legal professionals, and in terms of quantity. Of course, one requires the other. One thing is clear: Today, almost no legal field can do without specialists. In order to take a holistic view for our clients, we form customised teams that are put together individually for each project.

As more and more areas of law are emerging that were previously handled by generalists, SPIEKER & JAEGER also grows in numbers of specialists who see themselves as team players but also master the links between the various disciplines. For instance, advising on business succession today requires a larger number of professionals from the fields of corporate law, inheritance law, family law and tax law. In addition to practical experience, quality can only be achieved if each team member knows what effect the legal advice of each individual expert has on the overall result.


The new office building has been christened “SEEyou” – an ambiguous word play with the German word for lake, “See”, on the one hand but, on the other hand, primarily a name that emphasizes the contact and communication between SPIEKER & JAEGER and our clients. This connection has always been close and trusting over the decades.

But the old building no longer met modern requirements in terms of layout. There were meeting rooms on each floor in the immediate vicinity of the lawyers’ offices. Today, we offer an entire floor and meeting rooms that are not located between offices with the working atmosphere that often prevails there.

This allows us to offer our clients a view of the lake in a nice armchair and with floor-to-ceiling windows, which invites them to take pause and simply feel at ease, in addition to focusing on the agenda.


The new building is not only prominent – it is also more sustainable: for example, it offers contemporary air-conditioning technology to make working comfortable, but also to protect the environment. The new building therefore does without conventional air conditioning and is equipped with new cooling technology above the ceilings, which is also fed by a solar system on the roof. And while the old building recently had too few and too small parking spaces without charging options for e-cars, the new location leaves nothing to be desired here either.